buena onda is a premium summer lifestyle brand releasing only 3 items every summer. Each collection connects to the next, building towards the ultimate set of items for a chill, premium summer lifestyle.

Through a slow, simplified process that gives back full circle, we are driven to presenting a fresh approach to building brands, while creating a brand universe of our own that transcends you to summer bliss, a paradise state of mind.

10% of profits empower today's youth to change the world. Over time, our ambition is to collaborate with 30% of profits. Giving back yields an ROI of infinity.



Positive Impact Fine Print

Items are designed between Copenhagen + Hong Kong, with fabrics sourced primarily via South Korea and Japan. Apparel items are created by our partner studio in China, adherent to an ethical supplier transparency policy. Lifestyle items are each crafted in collaboration with specialists in their field - check out our lifestyle items to read more.

10% of our profits empower youth towards a charitable mindset. Each year we'll connect with a select number of youth and donate to a cause of their choice, on their behalf, that they've been longing to support. We'll follow up on the positive impacts donations have made, and share that story with the youths who made it happen.

We invite you to contact us for more details on our collections, concept and business model, or to share ideas together.




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