buena onda is a premium summer lifestyle brand inspired by cool simplicity + premier quality - connecting Japanese design ethics, Scandinavian simplicity + that feel of a fresh, California summer.

We release only 3 items every summer, inviting soul back into the creative flow, offering each item the liberty of time, detail + spontaneous inspiration.

Each collection, connects to the next, building towards the ultimate set of premium summer essentials for that chill, laidback summer lifestyle.

Collect them all.


Collaborative Craftsmanship

Through our Collaborative Craftsmanship method, we come together with specialists in their field, to exhibit their niche craftsmanship + share in their creative journey.

The Kaiyō Cruiser was crafted in collaboration with California skate specialists, connecting optimal design with function. The Retoro (レトロ) Money Clip in collaboration with an artisanal jeweler in Hong Kong. Our Wave~Pack, crafted by Japanese craftsmen. The Royal Summer Robe is Handcrafted by bisht specialists in the Emirates, using 100% Premium Korean Linen.

Each item tells a story of simplicity, summer + good vibe people.


Positive Impact Fine Print

buena onda uses ethical + sustainable practices in bringing each collection to life.

Over 10% of our profits go towards empowering youth towards a charitable mindset. Each year we'll connect with a select number of youth and donate to a cause of their choice, on their behalf, that they've been longing to support. We'll follow up on the positive impacts donations have made, and share the story with the youths who made it happen. By inspiring a spirit of giving back, we build a more beautiful tomorrow, enriched with spreading love, through the hands of our youth.

We invite you to contact us for a copy of our supplier chain transparency policy, more details on our sustainable practices and our positive impact vision.




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