The Virtues of Giving Back

A wise quote once said, “There’s enough in this world to serve everyone’s needs, but there’s not enough for everyone’s greed”. We arrive here on earth, tasked to find our way, our direction, our purpose - to uncover our journey.  Those around us, often our friends, family, and plenty of other people drop the breadcrumbs that help guide us to where we need to be. And it’s not just people, either - places and even things can help us progress. Every day, we as people take and consume so much for our own needs that sometimes, the needs of others get away from us. We lose sight that we are not entitled, but rather obliged. When you find yourself surrounded by comfort and privilege, in both little and big ways - you are being called to take responsibility for those less fortunate and give back. The beautiful thing about the universe is - the more you give, the more you get - a concept beautifully encapsulated by the prophetic saying ‘Charity does not decrease wealth’.

Giving back can be as simple or as complex as you make it to be, however what counts is that it all comes from the heart. Many think of giving back in financial terms, however a smile, an act of kindness, a kind word are also acts of giving back. At BUENA ONDA, part of our Simplified Retail Model is a philanthropic element that gives a generous percentage of profits back to a cause or community. For BUENA ONDA, that’s empowering the youth to change the world, their way. BUENA ONDA’s mission is to provide a platform that empowers youth to create a change and make a positive impact towards a cause they've been longing to support. Whether an impact towards the planet or a charitable cause that they believe in - we believe youth deserve the opportunity to also make decisions in how we build our tomorrow. 

We’re here on earth together,  sharing the same living space, some more comfortable than others. Giving back can be a true solution for inequality in the quality of living. But in order for everyone to reach the feeling of bliss, chill, at ease minds, we have to level the playing field.

The virtues of giving back are infinite, including feeling good, giving others a chance at betterment, inspiring a charitable mindset in those around you, it adds meaning to your life and you realize a little goes a long way. Surprisingly when you give generously with a pure intention of serving others, you will find yourself in more abundance than ever before.

Look out for your friends, family, loved ones and strangers. Be present for those who ask for your help - whether you know them or not. Show empathy, kindness and generosity to those who approach us in need. Above all else, it is a choice that’s made to better ourselves, better our lives and the people in it, and to better the world.

The future is kind. Start with today.

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