The Simplified Retail Model: Building a brand that matters

BUENA ONDA's Simplified Retail Model solutions our economic dilemmas via cool simplicity & a blissful mindset.

Since debuting its first collection in the summer of 2016, BUENA ONDA has been on the forefront of brand building innovation. An ode to the value and virtues of simplicity, BUENA ONDA created a time-proof business model by choosing to release only 3 items every summer. That's one ultra-minimal collection a year.

At a time where brands around the world are revisiting their values and seeking a fresh take on brand building, many are asking themselves, what does a brand become with significantly less production and consumption?

The answer lies in BUENA ONDA's simplified retail model. A model designed to enrich the retail industry with inspired creations versus automated mass production lines. Most importantly, it is a model that gives back full circle.

For years creatives behind brands have been exhausted and overwhelmed, with over 54% of leading fashion house designers dropping out to seek space for true creativity. The retail industry is the second largest polluter in the world after oil, while laborers behind the garments we wear just a handful of times can hardly put food on the table. The vision behind BUENA ONDA is to create a brand universe where beautiful and original creations can be realized on their own time. Where the brand lifestyle inspires its audience into a blissful space and where the heart of driving the vision is tied to a philanthropic purpose. 

Founded by Farah Ragheb, a Los Angeles born Palestinian-Canadian, now based in Copenhagen. Farah has worked with leading fashion and lifestyle brands around the world, establishing TOPSHOP TOPMAN across the MENA region while leading the marketing for the Architectural Association School of Architecture's global design workshops in London. Spending several years in Hong Kong before landing in Scandinavia, the simplicity of Asian traditions further fuelled her simplistic vision.

10% of BUENA ONDA profits empower youth to build the world their way. Annual applications invite youth from around the world to submit their case for a cause they've been longing to support. The multiple donations are then made in the name of the selected youth. As time goes on, BUENA ONDA shares the continued story of the impact that youth's initiative made - inspiring within them a charitable mindset to build a more generous tomorrow. Over time, BUENA ONDA aims to collaborate on this purpose with 30% of profits, strongly believing that giving back yields an ROI of infinity.

BUENA ONDA is a premium summer lifestyle brand releasing only 3 items every summer. Connecting Japanese design ethics, Scandinavian simplicity and that feel of a fresh California summer. Each item is created with specialists in their field to share in their fine craftsmanship and in their creative journey. By focusing on limited creations, each item receives the liberty of time, detail and spontaneous inspiration.

BUENA ONDA collections are linear, each connecting to the next, building towards the ultimate set of items for a premium summer lifestyle. Following a lean pre-order system, BUENA ONDA eliminates waste and excess production. Without a SALE season, BUENA ONDA's specialty creations are timeless and collectible.

BUENA ONDA's Simplified Retail Model is shareable, scalable and lucrative. Fellow brands and creatives are invited to contact us for more information on how they too can adopt this model. Together we can collectively enrich the industry towards a more thoughtful and beautiful future. Via BUENA ONDA, we are leading by example, presenting a circular model that gives back to the creatives behind the brand, to nature and to people.


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