Summer in Suburbia

Told in the personal experience of our dynamic content writer, Jack Grossman:

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of beautiful summer days. The cool breeze complimented with warming sun rays, and refreshing water on the beach are the most memorable images we have of summer. Yet what about those of us who aren’t locals? Summer isn’t exclusive to the beach - it can be in your own backyard.

You wake up at 10:30, there are no alarms, only the freedom of moving at your own pace. The sunlight trickles through your blinds as you roll out of bed and throw some light summer clothes on. You say goodbye to your parents as you head over to your friend’s house for the day - daring to make the most out of the day's sunlight, and to create many memories like this one.

Growing up in the suburbs has its own special meaning when it comes to summertime: ice cream on a hot day, shorts and bathing suits, staying out as early or as late as you’d wish. The days' in themselves feel endless. There’s nothing like the cool breeze rushing past you in the car as you drive around to your friend’s house or around the neighbourhood. Or maybe you’re catching rays by the poolside and getting a few laps in. Perhaps you’re indulging in fried chicken and hot dogs at the snack bar or sipping an ice cold latte or soda. You're fully immersed in the freedom of knowing you don’t have any pressing plans ahead, and can simply hang out and flow as you wish.

Suburbia changes with the seasons in a very interesting way - during the fall and winter, everything is all tight knit and bundled up - the commencement of school and work commitments corresponds to it directly. Whereas in the summertime there’s a lot more freedom and space for flow - not just in the clothes, but in the feelings and daily schedules. The events that occur from day to day are always changing with the season - someone could be having a get together or congregating for a barbecue every weekend. There’s music blasting that you jam out to, recreational activities to be played, and plenty of people to share it with.

The summertime isn’t just the beach and the sand - it’s the people you spend it with, the hot days and quick solutions to beat the heat. It’s the way you can navigate around your hometown with ease, without any worry of what happens when you show up too late for dinner. It’s the countless hours spent with each other - going places and doing things together. Summer in Suburbia isn’t just a time in a place. It’s an event unlike any other. If you found this door into summer insightful, share it with your friends.

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