Slow Living: The Basics

In the world we live in today, there is a lot going on. Our news is ever changing, our friends and social networks are sharing their thoughts and ideas on social platforms on the daily, and over-pressed schedules are crunching our days, weeks, even months into a few moments and you find yourself wondering where the time has gone? Almost like you missed it. Throughout all of it, we’ve become so accustomed to quick responses to questions and texts, or having to always be alert and ready to act quickly.

But what if we didn’t have to?

What if there was a way for us to take in the essentials and stay present to feel our days, weeks, months and years, but all without the rigorousness and fast-paced tension of the world? Let’s talk about doing just that.

The Slow lifestyle movement sounds exactly how you’d think it does. It’s daily life as you go about it, balanced with an  affinity for being present. Slow living incorporates many moments and breaks within the day to simply recollect yourself. This is something that we at BUENA ONDA value. A deep breath and acknowledgement that you’re here in the world is enough to knock out the past few hours of stress or tension you’ve just accumulated. (Amen)

While originally beginning from the slow food movement, which was centered upon local and fresher food and preserving traditions versus the fast food industry and breaking them, it has since become an overarching lifestyle that many people partake in. Slow living removes the need to be everywhere all at the same time, or instantaneously responsive. It invites you to take in the beauty of the moment that surrounds you every day that you might miss while you’re “in a rush” — and combat the urges we face to give in to the fast-paced stressors. 

Slow living also focuses on the local and artisanal aspects of consumerism as a whole - the need for convenience for most people outweighs exactly where the product comes from. BUENA ONDA knows this and embraces the importance of creating our pieces such as our Kaiyō Cruiser or our Retoro Money Clip mindfully. We consult with specialized craftsmen, and ensure it doesn’t funnel back into the fast-paced world we know. Instead, we invite you to feel at your most relaxed. 

Slow living is the genuine feeling you’re fulfilling your purpose. It’s the fresh first sip of coffee in the morning, and the cool crisp air coming through the window. It’s the few moments you have just breathing, and taking the present in. It’s raw, crisp, and something that can be forgotten or left behind in the fast-paced world. While it’s entirely possible to succeed in the world as it is - there’s always something different about how you look at the world when you live much more slowly. And it’s easy to get started, too! So take a deep breath and count from ten. Try and make a presence of where you are now, and what you’re here for. Chill out. Take it slow. And if you found this insightful or helpful, share it with your friends. Let’s all chill out together.

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