BUENA ONDA: Building a brand that matters

Dare to align yourselves with sustainable fashion innovation fore runners, BUENA ONDA? A premium summer lifestyle brand inspired by cool simplicity + giving back, where summer is here 24/7/365.

California and other tropical locations tease us with crashing waves, warm summer nights and glistening sunshine. So why not build an entire concept devoted to cool simplicity, summer and good vibe people?

BUENA ONDA presents a fresh balance of that feel of a California summer, Scandinavian simplicity and Japanese design ethics.

Scandinavian simplicity is defined by its light and minimalist nature. All the items in BUENA ONDA’s collections start with simplicity as a foundation - followed with thoughtfully integrated details. Taking simplicity a step further, BUENA ONDA releases only 3 items every summer, offering each item the liberty of time, detail and spontaneous inspiration.

Paired with the simplicities of Scandinavia, the ethics of Japanese design enters the playing field. These ethics are to weave together the old and the new, keeping traditional design in mind while inviting innovation and originality into play. Our chill-out shorts are a fresh take on Muhammad Ali's boxing sport shorts, re-imagined for every day wear, lounging by the pool and chill summer days.

To ensure a premium quality of creation, BUENA ONDA designed the concept of ‘collaborative craftsmanship’. We come together with specialists in their craft to share in their specialised craftsmanship and connect in their creative journey.

Created for summer and designed for that chill, laid-back summer lifestyle - BUENA ONDA releases 3 items every summer with each collection connecting to the next, building towards the ultimate set of premium summer lifestyle items. You're invited to collect them all.

Not to mention, 10% of sales go towards empowering today’s youth towards a charitable mindset. Learn more about our flow at buena onda.

-- Article originally featured on Medium, by Sarah Martel

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